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I'm Sarah, founder of MADEly and mom of two living in the suburbs of Toronto, Ontario. When I found that my busy life was leading me to buy things that I needed, but that didn't match my personal values, I started investing my time in discovering products and brands that I could feel proud about to have in my home. I spent countless hours searching the internet, local markets and shops to find quality goods I trusted for my family that were stylish and ethically made in our continent. 
Through this journey, I discovered that there wasn't a simple solution to find and shop items exclusively made in North America with the style, functionality and quality I desired. I became disappointed when I learned some brands were not actually producing locally, but used words like "Canadian", "American" or "Designed In" instead. Discovering that many others shared these values and desires, I decided to create what was missing.
My hope is that this business gives you inspiration to a lifestyle filled with beautiful, meaningful items that you can feel good about, resonate with your personal values and leave you empowered knowing where and how they were made.
Sarah Forde, Canadian female entrepreneur & founder of MADELY
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