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Where are you based and what currency do you use?

We are proudly based in the Toronto area of Ontario, Canada. All prices within the shop are displayed based on your country's currency with orders being processed in Canadian dollars.


What is the MADEly difference?

We exclusively sell quality items that are actually made in North America (Canada or the USA). Often brands are listed as Canadian or American but still manufacture overseas. They may have local headquarters or design locally while producing elsewhere. Other times, only some of their product line is actually made locally. This may seem deceiving for some, which is why it's important to check the "MADE IN" claim on the label or packaging if you are not shopping on our site. 


What are the other benefits of shopping with you?

We have spent countless hours searching for the best brands that make their products right here in North America to make it easier for you to shop locally made with confidence. Know where the item is made, the brand's values and the materials/processes they use. Our carefully curated collection is an inspiring, single-source destination you can trust with meaningful, stylish and functional products you will love!


Why North American made?

Canada and the U.S. are countries that abide by stringent laws to ensure items are ethically and fairly produced. We are strong business partners with inspirational entrepreneurs and a long history together. Due to our proximity, buying in our home continent also means a smaller ecological footprint, supporting local employment, and contributes to our own economy. 


Does my purchase really make a difference?

Yes! Absolutely everything you buy has an impact. Whether it's at the grocery store or at the mall. Every item you buy something, it shapes our environment, future, values and beliefs. It also impacts entrepreneurs, those they employ, and our economy. We know it's not always possible to buy locally made items, but we hope that you become more aware of what you buy and the choices you have. 


How do I determine the right size or details on use & care? 

Each product page has a description of the item with tabs so you can easily know its features, where it's made, materials used, as well as additional details such as sizing, fit, and use & care (where appropriate according to the item).


Are you open to collaborations, or working with influencers and bloggers?

Yes, we love to collaborate! Please contact us with what you have in mind. If you're a blogger or influencer, please also include your social media info and stats.  


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